Function. Training. Development.

Navigate workplace/workforce challenges

The central focus of this program is to assist general and HR managers in understanding the strategic and operational business framework that facilitates the management of people at work. This program is strategic in nature – the changing role of Human Resource Management (HRM), the view of structure of the HRM function in organizations, and the demand for an improved “value proposition” from the services provided by HRM by working closely with general managers.

We focus on the functional components of managing people – staffing/interviewing,
compensation, performance management and evaluation, diversity, employee/labor relations and training and development.

We will help you:

  • Understand the changing role and multiple functions of Human Resource Management
  • Recognize general manager responsibilities in managing people (planning, organizing,
    coaching, motivating, leading, developing)
  • Articulate a working knowledge of workplace/workforce issues and challenges
  • Navigate how general managers can work in partnership with HR departments to solve many of the challenges they may encounter as managers
  • Apply various decision-making skills to the solution of people problems at work

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