Organize. Lead.

Facilitate innovation from the bottom up.

Supervision is dead…long live talent management! This statement, while not true in an absolute sense, still relates to the skills needed in the supervision of a modern workforce – employees need to be led, work organized, and common goals controlled and attained – it is the role of Supervisors that has evolved. This definitive new role is one of Talent Manager, a new approach that takes a comprehensive view in supervising others and is critical to the success of the organization, its people and ultimately its customers.

Today’s Talent Manager is challenged daily with working smarter to balance the demands of employees and management, empowering staff, prioritizing the urgent and leveraging knowledge and technology to facilitate innovation from the bottom up.

We will help you:

  • Learn the modern roles, responsibilities and challenges of directing others
  • Develop a talent management tool kit that will accelerate success
  • Analyze innovative approaches to problem solving, communication, decision making and
    resource allocation
  • Navigate the generational divide by creating “in-common” curiosity among members of
    the workforce
  • Identify personal leadership strengths for modern talent management
  • Focus on effective techniques in delivering constructive feedback to others

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